Friday, November 14, 2008

Adam and 'why Eve?'

Be it Bollywood, Kollywood..Even Hollywood for that matter …
Quite a lot of cameos that I had watched so far, there is this weird scene… wherein the hero before getting introduced to the most gorgeous girl ever (the heroine of course) practices himself..
”hhiii!! I am Rajesh”...
For a guy who smacks 20 scoundrels at one go and that too with ease and style..I would say its absurd…
Why would these flicks bore us with such monotony?
Should it be lack of innovation? I suppose not...

“Movies are perpetually a rational dimension to real life”
If this were to be true, then it should have happened to a lot of you in real life.
To that little population who shrug it off saying, "never felt like":
Aren't you of the kind who tend to say the ‘grapes are sour'...
(Without actually tasting it)
Why would a companion mean so much?
Is it simply because most have one.
Nopes...It's actually because, your life needs an evidence.
It’s ur companion who bears that evidence.

It ain’t cool anymore to live only for yourself.Come on boy, be a man.
If you ever find your kinda girl just go ahead practice your version of ”hhiii!! I am Rajesh”...

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