Saturday, November 1, 2008


My first scribe.. What could it be??? This thought seems to torpedo me...

"AMME"(that’s how I call Mom),
“Nope! I shall not reveal the lion hearted woman’s struggle to what has shaped up into a fairly respected family that we are now”. I prefer to be tightlipped, so let me keep all the love and respect sealed into perhaps the safest urn, My Heart! “.

Then I considered to speak about my (yet to be)wife , but she pleaded,”Perhaps later Imti” (and I had to oblige considering the authority she has on me ;-(

Seeing me struggle so much in just narrowing down on what my first blog is gonna be.
I startled anxiously,
” Aren’t blogs easy to write?”
I started wondering..
“how am I gonna substantiate all the confrontations as a result of controversial content posted (if any).

Will I end up sucking big-time?
A question that time can only answer.

With this let me choose to walk you through one important aspect of human beauty ‘Expressions’ (now please stop wondering,” what has expressions got to do with his goddamn first blog-post”)

I perceive blogs to be very good tools to express.
I had expressed myself all through my life...
Those Odd instances that I didn’t manage to do so are worst regretted!

There is this awesome girl I know, who praise me for the influence I have on her, I just don’t understand why she loves me sooo much, when I never remember reciprocate.
I love her sooo much. But never really expressed it to her. And she is my sister.

What held me from doing so?
Perhaps, it’s the way I grew up.
Perhaps, I had those naive inhibitions of a teenager.

Many men believe it’s a trait to be tough. I don’t feel being that way helps any good, anymore. I am changing for the good. And I feel much better now. I have realized, hurting someone’s expectation could never be a Man’s trait. Guilt hits you.

It ain’t any better than to see the resulting ‘cognitive content’ from your loved ones. We’ll have to realize the abnormality to have these uncanny illusions.It’s time that everyone stop being repressive. Break open their inhibitions and say it out aloud to all deserving ones. It ain’t cool anymore to be dumb!

The Man in you becomes more graceful with the increased amount of love and inspiration acquired. Rationality lies in the harmony we live in. So join me to help everyone live in a rational world.

The bottom line is Speak out, ‘Express Yourself’
Am sure we’ll have a much better place to live in.

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