Friday, November 7, 2008

~' cOlleGe Da '~

(I Wrote this sometime last Year)

I feel devoid of all those gr8 ppl who made days memorable.
yes ! this is to honour Crescent 2006.

Their exceptional charm is built upon their extra-ordinary brains and great hearts.2002(aug) - 2006(may) it was heaven on earth and the credit goes to u all.
The gaint audi and our eccentric juniors..
The historic tree and the juvenile canteen..
The long aisle and the Otteri bus stop..
The old laboratories and the dangerous staffs..
Never workin cooler N d much scribbled toilet..
The dusty gallery and the hardly used library..
Hilarious Princi's N d always bribed watchmen..
The ever crowded officeroom N d huge stairs.
And ofcourse,our eventfull classrooms !!
Will all cherish our beautiful days.
Hats off to u guys.
U Deserve my heartfelt gratitude for sharing with me, an illustrious 4 years in college.

More special is my feel for my class "u guys are awesome" great days are they that i spent with u.Heavy heart,that i had to asimilate the fact that this will not happen again.
so badly wil i miss evryone in Crescent.
This may sound epical but i cannot hold this for myself.if there is a better way to honour you all, am for it also..
sure that everyones gonna make it big,,more certain is the fact that we will miss each other..

With a heavy heart i hope to see evryone of u 'happy n prosperous'

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