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Mumbai terrorists attack - The aftermath

I am mutual in emotions with my fellow indian bloggers (both resident and Non-Resident) who have expressed deep-anguish, concern, anger and contempt on the Mumbai terrorists attack. The aftermath of this inhuman sin performed by cowardly organisations aka terrorists organisations leaves us with much to ponder upon.

The administrators chose BEST buses (Mumbai's Public transport buses) to ferry the NSG from the airport. Do we not have a faster alternative?

The flight that carried the NSG commandos to Mumbai had to come from Chandigarh and not from Delhi?

No water pressure to reach the fifth floor of TAJ.. The fireman had to use the ladder (and risk their lives to mad terrorists) to curb the fire down.

Has the DRDO ever mocked such an operation like this? If so,

Why did we not employ night vision goggles?
Did we choose not to? or do we not have one?

Why did we not even employ bot-driven-cameras?
That way they could have visualised things before entering in.
For goodness sake we are not in the 19th century.

Do the defense even know, there exists a technology called the flash grenades that could be employed to temporily blind people.Thus enter safely in...
I saw a hawaldar (Mumbai's colloquial term for police constable),
And his gun, a world war 1 souvenir -- A perfect antique piece.
Had he to shoot he would have to load one bullet everytime... (Such rifles should just be limited to NCC training)
On the other hand, the terrorist were equipped with MP6's, a german make automatic..
We need not use modern equipment, but we could atleast use the contemporary's.

India had a very effective law in POTA (Prevention of terrorism act). But it had to be abolished as result of one person's claim that he was wrongly victimized by the misuse of it (needless to raise eyebrows, he is no common man. He happened to be a politician). Jayalalitha, the then CM of TamilNadu misused POTA to seek political vendetta and put Vaiko behind bars for more than a year. Vaiko came back from jail, faced election, clung on to the ruling alliance and thus managed to abolish POTA act.
To deal with such terrorists, we certainly need a strict n sturdy law like the POTA!
The Chief minister of Maharashtra amongst all blunders he committed throughout the whole fiasco went horribly wrong in estimating the intensity of the attacks. His delay to declare a curfew led increased number of onlookers on the streets where the operations were held. There was even chaos as somehow a rumor spread later the following day that there were resumed attack. What if the rumor were to be true? when there exists no clear information whether there are terrorists operating in locations other than the three, does it not become important to have curtailed public movement. The state government chose to be complacent and the central government neither forced a curfew. There needs to be a protocol.

"Such incidents do happen sometimes in big cities"
looks like the Deputy-Cheif Minister of Maharashra, RR PATIL plagarised the much famed DDLJ dialogue "badi badi desho mein aisi choti choti baathein hothi rehti hai"
He is no SRK nor we the senorita-kajol.
My verdict - Gutter him!

The other patil (shivraj patil) who holds (I am sure he would be stripped off from the position in just a matter of days) the much coveted Home Ministry was very particular in having a well combed hairline. It was irritating to see such a class act for flawless sluggishness.
My verdict - Mr Patil you better get ready to do grocery shopping with your wife. you fit best there.

Here's the class act, the Chief Minister (Its just a matter of days before his head would role) finally made an appearance to the venue after, all the action was over. Guess wat? He accompanied his actor son and a film director!!
My verdict - Pack up Mr Deshmukh. Its time to pair up with ritesh and wear salwar kameez.

Modi!! What to say of him? He won the elections despite the Godhra riots. That in itself is a shame to the great state of Gujrat. This person sought political benefits by choosing to deliver a speech in front of the Oberoi hotel. He said, he intended to get into the hotel? Wonder what was he thinking of himself. Its unfortunate we had to bear such shameless acts.
My verdict - Modi was/is and will ever be an embarrassment.

The leader of the primary opposition party skipped the all party meating and chose to campaign for an election. He was not even ready to share a flight with the PM.
My verdict - The only way Pakistan could gain my respect is, only if they manage to seize n arrest him since he is on their most wanted lists.

Achudanandan! a cheif minister, more importantly a old enough man chose to say "Had Sandeep(Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan who fought to death during the operation) not been a martyr, not even a dog would have bothered to come by his house.
My verdict - I fail you Achoo(t)danand.

The Vice-President of BJP, Abbas Naqvi said, “women wearing lipstick and powder, have taken to streets in Mumbai, leading marches against the political class” so wats wrong in wearing lipstick Mr.Naqvi. Are you trying to say that being a politician is a dignified position that only Mahatmas can comment about.
My verdict - Mr Naqvi, your character showed up.

CRIME SCENE? oh really!!

There needs clear regulations on the public and the media as to how much close can they get, to a crime scene.

The Grenade launcher was unveiled even before it was installed.

Bharkha datt (along with atleast 20 onlookers and a cameraman)could easily walk into the aisle of the TAJ soon as they declared the operations were over! wth!

While the rescue operations were half way, one could see rescued victims getting out of their hotels with their suitcases!! Did someone check the suitcases on their way out!


Unlike, its usual lusterlessness... The Media this time showed responsibility. No denying that. Somewhat different shortcomings this time. We gotto learn from our mistakes, shouldn't we? So here we go...)

Web pages of NDTV, CNN-IBN, TOI and et all
For a person like me (outside of India, and no access to Indian TV) the only way I could get to know the latest could be via internet streaming. For atleast 12-15 hours, there were hardly any live streaming.

Forget the live streaming, even news were updated much later in their web pages. I got authentic updates faster via twitter.

The web pages of these Media orgs were flooded with flash based commercial content. I had to uninstall (disable) flash. I agree they aren't non-profit orgs. But at the same time, on emergencies situations like this they should have a ready to operate mode developed were in they run the usual html based commercial. They gotto realize there are thousands worried men/women across the globe relying only on their updates.
Amateur/Annoying TV anchors
To name a few:
Rakshya shetty
Kajal Iyer
Yogitha of CNN-IBN
No blaming them, their caliber was limited to bollywood, cricketers gossip and Ganpathy-baba-moriya coverages

NDTV atleast managed with Bharkha Dutt and Srinivasan jain taking turns.

One Hindi-TV-channel journalists even urged the Home Minister to repeat the same words in the Hindi version all over again.


The picture below is a testimony.

(double click to see a bigger version of it)
I hope the terror attack doesn't turn out to be another of unsolved misery.

All that we could possibly do is to condemn the acts via blogs, SMSs and (provided with a chance) a TV snippet. Well observe a moment of silence and march a RDB style procession. I am certainly not bullying these, these are ways to pressurize the government.

What we could do (with assistance from the media), is to prepare a list of
- What we expect the government to do.
- What infrastructure enhancements we want to see in our cities.
- What kinda security uplift we would desire.
etc, etc.
Run a campaign,
Publicize (across the country) action items to the extent possible,
Get the government to COMMIT N act upon the list.

This way we could expect to see some thing in real to happen.

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