Monday, December 1, 2008


Physical distances do bring in some mental distances too. One has to take that little extra effort to not let that distance make a difference to the relationship. If the relationship matters, we take that extra effort and find ways and means to communicate. Today we have so many mediums of communication, don't we? Life does have its twists n twirls. We have to fly with it. Given those constraints, we have to manage ourselves and hold onto things we want to. That is when life teaches us to prioritize.

Dudes/Dudettes/Uncles/(special Mention)Aunties ;-) reading this,
This philosophy is my lame attempt to pacify my jigree-dosts back in India, who I have not tring tringed since landing in the US of A...

I am for sure tring tringing one by one amidst serious budget constraints...Please do not bombard me with bad worded emails..


sriraman said...

good one da. Still expecting your call you Bas****. But actually you could swear at your Indian friends, as well for earth caller lets them call you for free from the Internet. Just that the service is little poor.


raja kannan.c said...

dude.. hw r u..? see my blog n gimme ur comment..