Tuesday, January 27, 2009


10 am, 13th Aug, 2047
The Times of India Office,

Being the chief editor for the most awaited article of the year is so rusty. The intriguing guesses on how good the melodrama would unfold were eating on me. Perhaps, not the best thing to do when you are at 63.Nevertheless, just the mere thought of the date ‘15th august 2047’ pulls me into a tapestry of invincible governance.
5 2 4 9 dialed my trembling fingers,"Yes MR.Imteyaz"sounded the juvenile voice of Megha.
"Could you please drop by my desk with the manuscript,I’ll appreciate if the whole team accompanies you with their copy of the same.."
"Right away Mr.Imteyaz" came the reply.
Before I could finish the age old dialogue..
“This generation is very fast” I found all my colleagues at my desk

On the same day, 10 p.m
The Enigma (pub),Hotel JW Marriott,

“TO THE EDITOR” chorused the 10 member voice...
“TO THE TEAM” it’s me this time, gulping the rich ‘Louis Roederer Cristal champagne’.
We partied,
It’s never better than to celebrate success. I had to say thank you to those wonderful cynosures who put their heart and soul in getting this 2000 liner look eximious!
I started speaking,
“I couldn’t have imagined better. Thank you for helping me with my master piece. I owe you. I owe my life for this work. Love you all”
Megha interrupted my emotional speech with a hug and a kiss on my cheek...
Oh My God!! I felt butterflies in my tummy.
Seems the flirt in me is still alive even @ 63.The whole team partied till 2 am.
As I drove back home,I said to myself..
"the article lacks Killer Instinct”
The line“Dedicated to the numerous citizens who fought/fight before/after 15th august 1947” that concludes the article didn’t give me the expected impact.
I was breaking my head, I wanted to change it, I wanted to create a revolution, I want to make people think, I want my India realize.
I felt something in my head.

15th Aug 2047
The Red Fort

The prime minister speaks...
“I promise, my government will live up to to the pleas of Mr.Sayed Imteyaz”
The line “Dedicated to your inspiring words Mr.Imteyaz.We wish you are here to see this happen. We hate to accept, you were assassinated at 2.30 am 14th Aug 2047” which actually concluded the article, gave the necessary impact.
Thanks to my team for having changed the line at the very last moment before it was published.
And of course thanks to the guy/girl who shot me dead.


Arun said...

Had i not known you, This is surly a gud post. It lives up to the hype you gave. As i known you these many (Hmm .. Ya many) years, it is just another over imaginative crap of your thought... Sorry!!!

Imti said...

@Arun I concur... It's fictitious! (in a way - 'My typical' over-imaginative-crap. Couldn't help it dude... Perhaps a defect in me... :p)
But it's never about me, the point I wanted to make via this post is of a possible existence of the damned-terrorism 40 years hence...
(Though not explicitly but to some extent)I have also tried to portray the never dying passion of the people of this great country which time over time emerges victorious!

gOOpi said...

interesting.. aamaa unakku opicula veelaiye illiya?

Macadamia The Nut said...

:) Interesting... I liked the Chekhov-esque ending :D

You my friend, don't need 'blog promotion', do you?


Ramana said...

Seems the flirt in me is still alive even @ 63.The whole team partied till 2 am.

Ha ha.. I couldnt help laughing at this da.