Saturday, January 17, 2009


I bumped into this term for the first time, only in the US.
                      Misson: Laptop hunt
Venue: Circuit City, Bellevue, Nashville
The configuration tag: Intel core2duo, 250 gig HD, 3gig RAM
     Now, the price tag: $850 - ($100 + $50) Mail-in-rebate
                                  (This is some 8 months back. 1USD = 38 INR)

'RE BATE' - The word sounded familiar but the concept was a jargon. For those of you, who are either unfamiliar or new to shopping in the US, there is this concept called Mail-In-Rebates where one gets a stipulated amount discounted from his purchase amount after the purchase is complete. To avail this, one needs to submit by mail the bill of purchase, upc code and a rebate form. The rebate amount declared will usually be sent to the customer via a check. It kinda didnt make sense to me (still doesn't) so I walked up to the counter with the laptop pack and while billing..

"Y would u not discount the 'Rebate price' N bill me the rest"

"Sir, your $50 rebate should come from the manufacturer"
(hp in this case..)

(Trying to be a smart ass,counter questioned the poor sales guy)
"Well, if that is the case,
What about the $100 rebate dat circuit city is offering me?"

(Scratchin his head,came out with d most constant answers)
"The sales policy in Circuit city prevents us 4m discounting the rebate price with the bill"

(With the satisfaction of hearing bullshit yet another time)
"Nevermind, I was jus curious. Lets go ahead bill the $850"

(To hell with your curiosity) Sure, let's do...

Rest assured is the standard drill...
1. Swipe
2. Sign
3. Pickup and head to home wondering how to clear the credit card bill


Sarah said...

Hey, I just logged into my dashboard, went to layout and then added the picture gadget. Upload a picture of the book cover and insert the link that you want!

Hope that helps. Good luck!

Imti said...

That's exactly wat I eventually ended up doing (after desperate attempts to find a gadget, failed)...
many a times the easiest option end up the most effective solution, don't they?

Many thanks!

Macadamia The Nut said...

I know! I've wondered myself why they have this stupid rebate thingy. Then I asked this pseudo-know-it-all dude from the Apple store. His theory was that half the people wouldn't and couldn't be bothered to mail in the forms. Makes sense... maybe.
Who knows :)