Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Vetal(am) in me!!

It was a typical sunday,he had just woke up from a deep saturday night hangover.
OOff !!"I swear i will not drink again",Now this is a promise he breaks every weekend.
"Suren jaldi se ek Cofee lai aa"
its quite sometime since the bed coffee was ordered...
No signs of the coffee,
No signs of the cook suren either.
"Sunday ke din ye bhi saala chutti pe chale jaatha hai"sighed this gentleman.
"Chetan.. Chetan beta..
Arey koi hai.."
Wondered Where everyone are?

Before he could get a coffee for himself,he dropped by his son chetan's room to check if he had anything for lunch and breakfast. He noticed a new placard at the room door, The calligraphy was fairly difficult to read,the yester nite's rum added to his misery, with much struggle he managed to read the content "Tune into the chetan's den"
That's Funky !! he said to himself.

The room looked as if a tornado had just hit."This place is a real mess..no wonder why chetan calls this room his'den'.. Kids these days beleive its a fashion to live disorganised".

Despite chetan's absence he lectures his frequent dialogue "when i was young my dad was more concerned on discipline and tidyness, the old man was not bothered about my education." He consoles himself throwing the blame on the demands of the contemporary world,which inturn pushes him to thrust the kid with social inhibits, lifestyle, western-etiquette-adoption blah blah..

As these thoughts occupied his minds, something flashy caught his attention... He had to stretch himself to catch hold of what he guessed to be a filmfare magazine,
The guess wasn't true.

He was shocked to find porno magazine from chetan's haversack, his shock worsened when he found a pile of similar porn stuff from chetan's closet. He wondered how he got access to all these it's early for him to get into porn.
chetan's just 13 now!!

He grew mad,
He was so restless that he could barely light the Davidoff(cigarrete) stick, took two unusually deep puffs.He felt, its appropriate to smack Chetan right onto his jaw strong enough to dislocate it.

It was all set for him to blow all the agony out on Chetan.Fortunately for Chetan he didn't turn up shortly.

Minutes incremented to hours..
His anger eased off, his thoughts sharpened..
He replaced everything carefully to wherever they belonged to,
Just to make sure the cigarette odour was no more,
He helped all the windows open & Switched on the fan..

It reminded himself of his college days, the perturbation in smoking at home without the parent's knowledge doesn't seem to have changed a bit but for the subtle difference 'It's his son's turn this time around.

The following few days passed with all the regular routines yet they all looked so strange. The only reason perhaps,He is more observant and vivid these days.
Chetan's friends seem to spend a lot more time at his room than what was normal.
The number of guys who haunt chetan's place looked unusual too.
Chetan always used to play computer games and whenever he played he'd always have the speakers on,but these days he is always seen using the headset.
Browser history's been deleted after every time he sits on the internet.
Chetan spends a lot of his time in the bathroom.
He sleeps extra hours, he had become thin.

He wondered why his kid has started tampering the freedom he's been given with.He felt, that if Parents choose not to intrude into children's privacy doesn't mean they will never meddle with it,It all depends on how good the children respect this courtesy.

Chetan needed to be taught what is right else Chetan might have adverse effects physically and mentally.
He was thrown into a kilter whether to speak this out with Chetan or try to adopt some other way which helps Chetan come out of this.. Simultaneously, he didn't wanted to be involved directly as he was afraid that Chetan might get offended.
Yes, the only thing that stopped him right from the word go was the lone consciousness of not to embarrass his son.He was worried on how bad its gonna hurt him. The worst thing that could ever would be if the kid gets too worried n often whines with guilt.As a parent its perfectly normal for him to fear of possible psychological issues that may arise.

Dudes/ Dudettes, Sir/ Ma'am Whoever reading this...
To be honest i 'll have admit my disabilities of an amateur writer to narrow down an immaculate solution to this very common issue.

What if , you are the parent here ??
Spare me if this reminds you of the Vikramadithya/Vetal(am) soaps. Leave you comment (you may choose to be anonymous if u want to)

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