Tuesday, November 11, 2008

When the blues had no clues

(way back in 2k6, when the Indian cricket team lost to Bangladesh and eventually made an early exit from the world cup)
The agony to see at least 300 million in revenue dumped (considering the amount of money pledged on advertisement and tourism) and to see the hopes of 100 million people buried deep into the coconut land was just WORST.
It was a dismal, lethargic and pathetic display of what's (once)called the Gentleman’s game. And now, it rather has turned out to be a game on numerous people’s emotions. I am sure, not many would be as disappointed, had the 11 men delivered a fight with an unfathomable resistance. Instead, what we had to witness was a timid, humiliating submission.
I still couldn’t bear the commentator bugger saying the words “Demise of India” God damn him. They say they are the ambassadors of the country. Fuckin what they managed are lame words “India Demolished”.
11 shoulders dropped the might of India. When one forgets the most vital armour called 'the spirit' back at home, his arsenal looks no good. The least they managed to achieve was to gain my appreciation for their respect to the opponent’s "never say die attitude".
No reason why I see a few wet eyes.
Please don’t bother so much “They don’t deserve a fitting Farewell”

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