Friday, January 2, 2009

New year resolutions... Me too Brutus...

 Yennakku vevaram therincha vaiyasularnthu... 
(now dont ask me wat i mean by vevaram)
I have always had New year resolutions!

To name a few <<< flashback >>> <<< mosquito coil suthufying >>>

Long Long ago(please note: 'Long' 2 times)when I was 10 years old
        I swore on a New year eve to become a cricketer...
   Long ago when I was 15 years old
        I swore on a new year eve to top my school ROTFL
Some 5yrs ago when I was 20
        I swore on a new year eve,
         to keep my girl friend the happiest girl in the world
         (I am trying na)

Junx-u-BOODHam(My historian) says,
"All resolutions ended like Ajith movie typo flops"
(Now that's a worstu statistic)

So Junx-u-Mani(My Idea Mani) racked up his idea moolai...
Comes out with an immaculate solution (err.. Idea)
"Instead of PETERing a resolution list of TO 'DO this',
                   do that,
   why not make a resolution list of NOT TO 'do this',
                       do that,

Junx-u-Madan (My official critic)
though calls it a 'Soorai mokkai', approves the idea..

So Junx-u-Mike(1 2 3 Mike testing)
announces the resolution list...
<-> Laziness "NO NO"      (actually the most challenging)
<-> Procrastination "NO NO"
<-> Thoppai "NO NO"      (athaavathu gymming)
<-> Career Stagnation "NO NO" (Certificasons)
<-> Atheism "NO NO"      (daily prayer)
<-> Idle blog "NO NO"        (ahem ahem)
<-> porNO "NO NO"        (:p)

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